How Tinting Your Car's Windows Can Keep You Safe & Secure

Tinted car windows may help to improve the aesthetic look and appearance of your vehicle, but did you know that installing this kind of film on your car can actually help to improve your safety, well-being, security and comfort?

Listed below are the ways in which tinted windows actively battle the four nasty S's that plague cars and subsequently put both the driver and passengers in danger.

Sun Glare

Most drivers would agree that one of the most irritating parts of driving is when the sun catches your eye just in the wrong way on your windshield; forcing you to duck, swerve and squint in an attempt to see the road ahead. Whilst this may seem merely annoying at the time, in reality it can be lethal. Even after the sun has disappeared behind a cloud, your vision will continue to be compromised for several minutes afterwards, subsequently handicapping your capability as a safe driver and putting you and any passengers at risk.

By getting your car windows tinted, you can reduce sun glare by up to 95% in many cases, allowing you to drive safely even if the sun is sitting at a frustratingly awkward point in the sky. Reduced glare means greater vision. This can also help to keep the kids quiet if they're watching a DVD in the back too, as they will be able to see the video clearly without irritating light bouncing off the screen.

It's also worth noting that reduced glare will allow for higher comfort levels within the car too, as heat from the sun entering the vehicle is significantly decreased and prevents the car from transforming into something resembling a sauna.


Tinted windows aren't just great at battling the damaging effects of the sun; they also continue to keep you and your passengers safe in the event of an accident or collision on the road. Tinted windows are often built using a particular type of glass called tempered glass. This category of window is specially designed to shatter safely on impact into small, blunt chunks rather than long, sharp shards which can help ensure that passengers don't suffer any serious injuries as a result of a broken window. 

Skin Cancer

As much as everyone enjoys basking in the sun, it's no secret how deadly exposure to high levels of sunlight can actually be. The UV rays transmitted by the sun have been proven to cause skin cancer, and in a hot country like Australia this is particularly problematic.

Despite the burning heat, skin cancer is still extremely preventable if you take the correct precautions. Aside from slapping on high-quality sunscreen every single day, consider getting tinted windows installed on your vehicle. Being inside a car creates the false illusion that you're safe from the dangers of the sun, but without protective film across the windows, the sun will have an equally as damaging an effect as it would if you were outside. In many instances, car window film blocks out 99% of UV rays—significantly decreasing the rate at which this harmful radiation takes a toll on your skin and keeping you safe whilst driving.

Smash & Grab Crooks

The vast majority of car thieves are opportunist criminals who are often referred to by the authorities as "smash and grab" crooks. They scout out cars and take a good look through the windows of each vehicle to see what's on display. If there's something on show that's worth a few dollars, they will be more than happy to break into the car and take it. It doesn't even matter if they cause a noise by shattering your window; they'll be out of sight within seconds.

It's vital to always hide valuable objects that might look alluring to thieves when your park your car. However, tinted windows can add extra protection to your valuables. Darkening your windows immediately deters thieves, as taking a gamble on breaking into a car that they can't be sure has anything good inside it is something they'd definitely rather not do.

By tinting your windows you can obscure anything that might be on display in your vehicle, and most importantly turn your vehicle into a high-risk job for thieves that will immediately make them reconsider. 

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