Top Tips | Picking the Best Tint for Your Vehicle

Car window tinting is said to be fashionable and somewhat cool. With increasing variety of window tints, choosing may sometimes be difficult. Not to worry. Here are some guidelines to help you make the right choice.

Determine the Frequent Driving Locations

Before you choose your tint, know where you are going to drive often. This will help you determine the type of weather the tint will be exposed to. If you are in a sunny area, like Sydney, the best type of tint would be a metalized window film. This type of tint contains a layer of film specifically treated for blocking ultraviolet radiation. The film is attached to a metalized layer that reflects the heat even before it enters the car. Its shiny appearance also aids in blocking the sun's glare.

Another alternative is the hybrid tinting film which portrays the characteristics of the metalized window film and improves on its darkness effect. For cooler areas, dark dyed tints with less shiny surfaces are better, since they absorb more heat and reflect fewer sun rays.

How long will you keep your car?

It is important to determine the period of time you plan on retaining your vehicle. For long-term car users, more durable tints are favourable. You may consider an OEM glass tint. This tint is infused in the glass during manufacture and is not subject to wear and tear. It usually lasts for a car's lifetime.

Short term car users may opt for film tints. These tints involve sticking a thin polymer film on your window. Though they last for a short while, they are easily removable, thus enabling you to change the appearance of your windows anytime you want. Also, the thin film also prevents your glass from completely shattering upon collision.

Tailor to Your Needs

People tint their cars for different reasons. You can always choose tint according to your taste. For a darker shade, you may want a dyed window film. This film has the highest darkness effects. Apart from protecting you from UV rays, it offers you great privacy, therefore, maximizing comfort. Moreover, the dark nature of the film enhances security by completely preventing curious eyes from seeing your car's interior. For more light in the interior, choose a ceramic film, or find a coating tint and have it sprayed lightly on your window. For the best appearance, have the colour intensity of the tint match that of your car's body paint.