Four Reasons Why You Should Install Awning Windows

Awning windows open outward like casement windows; however, the hinge(s) on awning windows get installed at the top of the window frame. Awning windows are rather common despite a few disadvantages such as limited placement options and maintenance.

However, despite the few drawbacks, awning windows provide a variety of advantages to a homeowner. Here are the main benefits of installing awning windows.

The windows facilitate energy efficiency

Due to the increasing energy costs, many homeowners are constantly looking for energy saving solutions to apply in their households. Installing awning windows can reduce your a/c power consumption because the windows are available in double or triple panes and they have a relatively low-E and argon gas.

Hence, the windows facilitate reduced energy consumption in the home and thus save you money on energy bills. 

Providing a weather proofing functionality

Awning windows derive the name from the mode of opening (from the top), which provides an awning effect that provides protection from weather conditions such as the wind, rain, snowfall, etc. while still providing ample ventilation.

Hence, even when there is a downpour, the windows can still get opened to provide fresh air while simultaneously preventing the entry of rainwater into the building.

Easy functionality and reduced potential for damage

Awning windows open via a hand crank and hence, you will never have problems trying to open a tight window. The hand crank quickly renders the window open by applying a slight turn and crank followed by a light push of the window outwards.

Additionally, awning windows open slightly and vertically. Hence, unlike other windows that swing horizontally, you don't have to worry about banging the window against the outside wall as a result of wind. Thus, they are less prone to getting damaged compared to normal windows.

Privacy and security advantages

In addition to providing an aesthetic outlook to a building, awning windows also provide adequate ventilation. Because the windows are relatively smaller in size, they can get installed higher up on walls than other types of windows.

As a result, they can enhance your privacy without compromising on the room's lighting as well as ventilation.

Additionally, awning windows are great for security because unlike casement windows they do not swing fully open. The small opening for awning windows is not sufficient for burglars to use to gain entry into a home. Hence, you can leave the windows open without fearing that an intruder will gain access to your home through them.