Two Tips for People Who Want to Spruce Up a Dilapidated Set of Sliding Doors

If the property that you live in has a set of old sliding doors that are dilapidated and you want to spruce them up, here is some important advice that you should follow when doing this.

Have any cracks in the doors' frames repaired before you fit new windows

If the doors' windows and frames are both damaged, it is important to have the latter fixed by a sliding door repair contractor before you fit new glass in the window panels. The reason for this is that the frame that encases each pane of glass is designed to fit snugly around it. This support that the frame provides stabilises the glass and, in doing so, reduces the chances of it breaking when the doors are sliding backwards or forwards.

However, if there are cracks in this frame, it may not stop the pane from moving when the door is in use. As such, if you replace the current broken window pane with a new one several days or weeks before you have a tradesperson repair the cracks in the frame, this new, unstable pane could shatter if you slide the door shut a bit too aggressively.

In this situation, you would either have to purchase another pane or having the broken one fixed (depending on how much damage the window sustained as a result of the incident). If however, you have the cracks in the door frame fixed first, the frame will be able to stabilise any new panes that you fit in the doors and keep them intact, even if you occasionally slam the sliding doors shut.

Opt for tinted glass if the doors lead onto your property's exterior

When choosing the glass for the windows, you might want to opt for tinted glass if the doors lead onto your property's exterior. If the glass is not tinted, the room in which the doors are located will be blindingly bright during the parts of the day when the sun is facing this part of the property.

In this situation, the only way to deal with the excessive brightness would be to place some shutters or curtains over these doors; however, this will then block out all of the light and prevent you from enjoying the view of the area outside the doors.

Conversely, if the windows on these doors were made from tinted glass, this glass would make the harsh, direct sunlight less irritatingly bright whilst still allowing you to take in the scenic views of your property's exterior.