What's the Best Way of Dressing a Box Window?

Unlike conventional picture windows or bay windows, box windows are unsuited to curtains. Although curtains remain among the most popular types of window treatment around, you may need to think of alternative approaches if you are dressing a box window. This is because curtain rails do not go through the 90 degree turns you need for box windows.

Indeed, even flexible curtain rails will not afford your box window with a tidy look when you pull your curtains back because they will tend to bunch up around the sides. Not only does this look unsightly but it will also block the light from the sides of the box window. One of the best things about having a box window in your home is that it will allow you to look out through the sides as well as the front, so this is undesirable. To overcome these issues, fit blinds instead. What are the main options?

Roller Blinds

To begin with, roller blinds are the least expensive way of dressing a box window. You will need three of these products, of course, one for the main window and two more for the thinner sections of glazing at either side. However, if you trim one standard blind down to size for either side, then you will only need one extra control mechanism, so you can keep the cost down this way. Most box windows look great with three roller blinds hanging down and you can maximise the light flow coming in easily by raising them up to their fullest.

Venetian Blinds

Hanging Venetian blinds in front of the three sections of glazing that make up a box window is another good approach. It is important to have them made to measure, however, or you may find it hard to reach the control mechanism of one blind when the adjacent one is dropped. A Venetian blind installation will offer more light control than roller blind one because you can alter the pitch of the slats as well as be able to move them up and down.

Roman Blinds

Providing more thermal insulation than other options, Roman blinds offer a classic look that will suit any interior décor style. If you want the appearance of something that is close to curtains but which offers all of the practicality of the other two window treatments, then this is definitely the best option for your box window. The only downside is that Roman blinds tend to shut out a little light at the top of the window even when they are up.

To learn more about blinds options, contact a local window company.