6 Reasons to Choose Roman Blinds for Your Windows

Roman blinds are unlike any other type of indoor blinds. This is because Roman blinds combine the best of curtains and blinds to form an attractive and effective window treatment. If you like drapes but don't have the space for them, Roman blinds are the next best thing. Like drapes, they are luxurious, and like blinds, they give you control over light, temperature and privacy.

Here are six reasons to invest in some Roman blinds for your home today.

1. They block light completely

While you don't have the same ability to control light to the extent that you do with Venetian or vertical blinds, you can block out light completely with Roman blinds. That's because there are no gaps where light can penetrate.

2. They offer complete privacy

Roman blinds are a good option for homeowners that value privacy over light control. With your Roman blinds completely closed, you can block out the outside world fully. And there tend to be no gaps down the sides of Roman blinds, where prying eyes can see into your home.

3. They come in several styles

Because Roman blinds come in several styles, such as the typical hobbled style or the flat style, you can pick a style that best suits your tastes and home décor. If, for instance, you don't like the hobbled style with separate loops of material, you can choose to have flat folds.

4. They block noise pollution

Roman blinds are better at blocking noise pollution than other indoor blind types because they tend to be thicker due to their folding style. And you can increase the noise-blocking power of Roman blinds by choosing a thicker material. These blinds are useful if your neighbourhood is noisy.  

5. They help to control temperature

On hot summer days when there is no wind outside, you'll rely on your air conditioner to keep you cool inside your home. Roman blinds can help to keep the cool air inside your home. Much of the cold air in houses is lost through the windows. With the addition of Roman blinds, you can keep your cool air inside your home on hot days.

6. They are stylish and chic

Some types of blinds, such as roller blinds, don't add much in the way of style to a home's interior décor. But because Roman blinds utilize folding fabric, they are similar to drapes in that they can complement your home's existing décor. You can match your Roman blinds with your carpets and sofas too.

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