Reasons for Installing Double-Glazed Doors and Windows in Your Home

If your home didn't have any windows or glass doors and the rooms consisted of solid walls, it would be much easier to keep cool in summer and warm in winter. This is because glass windows and doors allow heat to transfer through them much more quickly than opaque walls. However, the dungeon-like rooms wouldn't be appealing to live in. One way to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and make windows and doors more energy-efficient is to install double-glazed units. Here are several benefits.

Works in Summer and Winter

Double-glazed windows and doors will help keep your home more comfortable in all seasons. Instead of one single glass pane, these units consist of two panes separated by a gap in the middle. The gap is filled with either air or argon gas and sealed tightly. This structure hinders heat from flowing through the glass in both directions. Thus, the unit will block heat entering in summer and also inhibit it from escaping in winter. Regardless of the season, double-glazed windows and doors will help to keep your home more comfortable.

Lower Energy Bills

If you install double-glazed units, you can turn the cooling down in summer and lower the heating usage in winter. Your house will thus be more energy-efficient. This attribute will enhance its appeal to buyers should you decide to sell your home. Additionally, you'll be reducing your carbon footprint by using less energy and helping to slow down dangerous global warming.

More Open Home

Double-glazed doors and windows, however, allow you to see through the glass panes perfectly. Thus, you can savour an outdoor view and feel the connection to nature provided by the transparent glass. Additionally, glass doors and expansive windows will let more light stream into your home, making it brighter and more welcoming. You may also save on lighting costs as a result.

Combines With Other Efficient Glass

You can also combine a double-glazed unit with other types of glass to make the system more efficient. For example, you could use low-E glass for one of the panes within the double-glazed unit. Low-E glass reflects heat. So, for example, if a glass door receives direct sunlight, you can install a low-E pane on the inside glass, facing outwards. That way, solar heat from the sun radiating through will be reflected back outside.

You can also install the low-E glass differently to reflect escaping warmth back inside during winter. How you set up the double-glazed doors and windows will depend on your local climate and whether your concern is hot or cold weather. Your installer can advise you on the best options.