How to Cut All The Light Out From a Window

Windows are there to provide light and air into a room, but what happens if you want neither? Obviously, most windows are made in such a way that their framed panes can be shut to make an airtight seal these days, but that won't prevent light from flowing in. What you need is a window treatment to do the job for you. Unfortunately, most window treatments found in homes these days only do a partial job of blocking light.

Shift Work Sleep in a Noisy Neighbourhood: Double Glazing May Help

If you're a shift worker, then you may need to sleep at odd times of the day. If you live in a noisy neighbourhood, then it can sometimes feel impossible to get the equivalent of a good night's sleep while everyone around you is awake and going about their daily business. You may drop off easily enough, only to be woken up so often that you ultimately find it hard to get back to sleep again.

4 Reasons to Consider Using Ceramic Window Tint for Your Car

Tinting your car's windows is a great way to add some style, keep the cabin cool, and prevent harmful UV rays from damaging your skin and discolouring your upholstery. What many drivers don't realise is that there are several different types of tint available, and one type you might not be familiar with is ceramic. This is a non-metallic tint that uses an adhesive layer that is bonded to a thin layer of ceramic and protected by an additional top coat.

Choosing the Best Option for a Car Cover on Your Property

If your property doesn't have a garage, you aren't out of options when it comes to keeping your car covered. There are many affordable choices that can fit even the smallest of properties while still keeping your car protected from the blazing sun and pounding rain. Note a few of those options here so you can determine the best choice for your car and your property. Carport A carport is a permanent structure, which is an advantage and a disadvantage.

How to Dress a Skylight Window

Skylights are great: they add interest to any room or space, they're a fantastic way of bringing light into an area that doesn't have a lot of opportunity for sunshine and they give you a unique and refreshing view on the world outside your home. They can be a little tricky to dress, however, and like all windows they have a tendency to look a little spartan when left unadorned. So what can you do to pretty up your skylight and help it to blend naturally into the rest of the room?