How to Deter Graffiti Vandals

Whether you are a homeowner or you own commercial property, graffiti on your walls and windows can be a recurring problem. In both urban and rural areas, the appeal of a large blank canvas can mean repeated tagging with spray paint or etching of your glass. Left in place, this vandalism results in ugly facades, irritated neighbours, loss of customers and possibly more graffiti.

You could install security cameras and alert local police to the problem, hoping to catch the perpetrators, but wouldn't it be preferable to stop the damage occurring in the first place? Here are some ways to make your property unappealing to graffiti gangs.

Remove the graffiti instantly

Cleaning off the graffiti as soon as it appears is a successful deterrent because it undermines the main motivation of graffiti writers. It also makes it harder for graffiti writers with scarce resources to continually replace their work. Word will spread in the graffiti community that your property is not worth tagging.

For quick and easy paint or ink removal from your walls and windows, invest in anti-graffiti coating. An additive can be mixed into house paint that allows easy removal of spray paint with just soap and water. A good solution for windows is anti-graffiti film. By applying a near-invisible coating of scratch-resistant film over your glass, you have a removable surface. I

f targeted by graffiti, just peel off the film and apply a fresh one. This is much quicker than hours of scraping off paint and it is many times cheaper than full glass replacement if acid etching or scratching has occurred. Learn more about this coating by talking to suppliers like Allcool Window Tinting.

Cover the targeted area

If there is not a large plain surface, your building will lose its appeal to graffiti writers. Covered walls with a trellis or plant ivy so they cannot be spray painted. For windows, fit security bars; these can be attractive, particularly on period houses, in wrought iron designs. For a commercial shop front, consider installing pull down shutters to protect your larger glass windows. Without a clean expanse to work on, vandals will move on to another area.

Commission an urban artwork

There is a new initiative in combatting illegal graffiti, championed by the more foreward-thinking inner-city local councils. This is to match residential or business properties that have a graffiti problem with street artists needing a space to create an artwork.

With subsidies available, the property owner can part-fund the creation of a piece that is in keeping with their business or house style or their personal taste. The theory behind this is that other graffiti writers will respect the artwork and leave it tag-free and unvandalised.