Reasons To Install Solid Timber Doors

If you are thinking about changing the entry doors or internal doors of your home, you may want to consider installing solid timber doors. Unlike composite timber doors, or manufactured timber doors, solid timber is 100 percent real timber and has no hollow space. Here are some of the reasons that this type of door may be the best choice for your home:

Reduces Sound -- One of the advantages of installing a solid timber door is that it will help reduce outside sound. Solid timber is a thick material that has no hollow core unlike some of the faux wood and engineered wood products on the market. As a result, sound is dampened as it hits the solid timber, which helps to diffuse sound waves and makes it less noisy inside your home.

Easier To Customise -- Solid timber doors are much easier to customise to fit unusual openings because wood is easier to cut than material such as steel, iron, vinyl or aluminium. And because the timber is real, cutting it to different configurations is much more efficient than with a hollow core, wood composite door. You can also make etchings and patterns into real timber without having to factor in a hollow core, which complicates the depth of any custom patterns you want to use.

Appearance -- Solid timber doors offer you the classic look of real timber that can enhance the visual appeal of your home. You can install an unfinished door, which gives you a rustic appearance that can distinguish the look of your house. You can also stain and paint wood in a variety of colours that reflects your own design sensibility.

You can even choose to stain your solid wood doors with a stain that mimics the appearance of natural stone or steel. And because the timber is solid and has no hollow core, stains and paint penetrate deeper into the grain of the wood, bringing out more of the lustre and bonding with wood molecules for a greater level of protection.

Insulation -- Solid timber doors also offer you outstanding insulation, because there is no hollow space through which heat, cold and moisture can pass. Although manufactured wood doors are layered with foam for insulation, solid timber doors are so thick that they provide a greater degree of insulation than foam and PVC-lined doors. And if you weatherstrip the edges of your solid timber doors, you are ensuring that any spaces through which air and heat can enter or escape are sealed, maximising your energy efficiency.

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