Care and Maintenance Routines to Keep Your Bi-fold Doors in a Perfect Form

Whether they are for interior or outdoor use, all bi-fold doors need proper care and maintenance for them to serve you better and for longer. This rule applies universally irrespective of the door's construction material and operation system (tracked or trackless). Your continued enjoyment of the doors' functional and aesthetic value and benefits depends on the condition they are in at any moment. Here are some of the maintenance and care routines you need to observe to keep these doors in a perfect state of beauty and functionality.

Take care of the tracks

If your doors operate on tracks, you need to watch out for the smooth running of these parts. They are vulnerable to the accumulation of stones and other solid objects. When these objects accumulate in the runners, they block the smooth running of the doors, leading to damage. To avoid all this, you have to keep the tracks clean by vacuum cleaning them on a monthly basis so that the gathering of dust does not lead to rusting and subsequent jamming of the system.

Perform regular and timely servicing

The next maintenance and care routine that will maintain the form of your door is performing regular servicing on the door but as per the required frequency. The reason here is that your geographical location and its prevailing environment will significantly influence how frequently you service the doors. If you live in the virgin countryside that is free from industrial and urban influences and pollution, you should service the doors twice per year. If you are living in urban settings located far from coastlines and not affected by heavy industrial activities, you need to service the doors quarterly. And if you reside in regions that are located along the seas, you have to service them every month to avoid the accumulation of salt.

Pay attention to the hinges and handles

Another way of maintaining your doors' perfect condition is watching out for the handles and hinges. You need to inspect the condition of the handles and hinges to ensure they are fitting well and are tightly connected to their right places. Ensure all the screws are tightly fixed in place for smooth operation and securing your house.

Wash the surfaces with care

Washing is another compulsory routine you need to pay special attention to. Pay special attention to the kind of washing material you use and avoid all hard-bristled brushes and corrosive detergent. Additionally, ensure that water does not enter into the doors' locking system and rollers.