Care Tips For Timber Bifold Doors

Timber bifold doors can make a beautiful and practical addition to your home. Because of the large glass windows, rooms immediately become brighter and you can enjoy the view out over your garden; these doors also help you have immediate convenient access to your outside space or patio. With correct care, timber bifold doors can last for many years. Read on to find out how to look after these unique door options.

Maintenance routine

Timber bifold doors are very low-maintenance and really only need servicing once a year or so in a rural environment. If you live in a coastal area or in a city location where air pollution and dust levels are high, you may need to clean your doors more frequently.  

Cleaning door frames and hinges

Never use abrasive pads or scrubbers on your timber bifold doors, as these materials could damage the finish. Instead, use a soft sponge or cloth. Use a solution of warm water and mild washing-up liquid to wipe the door frames and hinges. If any stubborn stains remain, try using a rubber eraser on them.

Sticking hinges can be freed by the application of a light dressing of light oil or WD40. Be careful to remove any excess oil from the frames to prevent damage.

 Keeping the running tracks free and operating smoothly

Sometimes small bits of grit and dirt can get into the doors' running tracks. Obstructions like these can cause the doors to stick and jam and may damage the doors if not removed. Never try to force the doors to open if you feel even the slightest resistance; always clean the tracks out and then try again.

It's a good idea to vacuum the running tracks weekly, using the soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner hose. This should prevent a build-up of dirt and debris and should keep the doors running smoothly. After vacuuming, use a damp cloth to wipe over the tracks, and then apply a slight spray of oil to aid the movement of the doors along the tracks.

Cleaning the glass

The most effective way of keeping the glass in your timber bifold doors clean is by washing the windows with a mild solution of soap and warm water. This solution will get rid of any grease and dust that is clouding the glass. Use a rubber stripping blade to remove excess water, and then dry the frames thoroughly with a clean, lint-free cloth.