Choosing the Best Option for a Car Cover on Your Property

If your property doesn't have a garage, you aren't out of options when it comes to keeping your car covered. There are many affordable choices that can fit even the smallest of properties while still keeping your car protected from the blazing sun and pounding rain. Note a few of those options here so you can determine the best choice for your car and your property.


A carport is a permanent structure, which is an advantage and a disadvantage. A carport may be sturdiest against heavy rains and high winds, but it also means having to dig pits for the posts and potentially pour concrete to keep them in place. Also, you can take a carport with you when you move, but this means having to dig up those posts, transport the carport to your new home, and then dig pits for the posts as well. While a carport can mean the most work for its installation, a carport can be a sturdy option that also provides shade and comfort if you want to use your driveway as a makeshift patio.


A gazebo or wood structure can be easier to install than a carport, as it's more lightweight and may not need such deep pits for the posts. If you're handy with tools and woodworking, you may even be able to design and build it yourself. However, a wood gazebo may need consistent maintenance, as you need to keep it sealed against humidity and fading in the sun. If you create a gazebo yourself, you also need to be cautious about the design and structure of the roof, as it should be sloped to allow rain and snow to run off the surface but not so sloped that it becomes structurally unsound.

Car shades

Car shades are fabric pieces that get stretched over your driveway; they might be attached to the side of your home or be free-standing, and they're very easy to install on your own. Because they're lightweight, the posts keeping them in place usually won't need concrete pits. You can also often adjust the angle of the shades for maximum protection; if the rain is coming from one direction, you can pull the shade lower on that side of the car. Some car shades are even portable, so if you often park your car in an open lot or jobsite with little protection from the elements, you can bring the shade with you and keep your car protected at all times.