How to save on costs when buying new roller blinds

Of all the types of blinds on the market, roller blinds are the most stylish and convenient option. Through a convenient opening and closing motion, roller blinds control entry of light, increase energy efficiency and add to your interior décor. Roller blinds also come in many different materials and styles for the home.

If you're on a budget, there are innovative ways you can use to save money when buying new blinds. You can obtain some quality options without digging deeply into your pockets. Here are some useful cost-saving tips:

1. Look for free upgrades

If you bought your blinds from a particular company and you need new ones, the merchant may be offering discounted upgrades. This means that they may recognise your previous purchase and give you significant savings on your new order.

You may need to trade in your old blinds (if they're still in usable condition) to get the best available discounts. Either way, upgrades are an excellent way of adding flavour to your home (and saving on energy consumption) without spending too much.

2. Buy online

Buying roller blinds at your local store may be the best available option in your eyes; however, online stores often provide a wider variety at more affordable costs. From cordless to fabric and PVC roller blinds, you have many different options available for both indoor and outdoor blinds when you shop online.

Even better, you can customise your roller blinds by selecting a custom colour and mounting mechanism. Look for merchants who don't charge much extra for customisation. You should also look for coupons and time your shopping spree during discounted seasons (such as the holiday season).  

3. Check out some free samples

Even with product demos in stores or online, you can't really know how your roller blinds will look until you install them. There are many cases in which homeowners purchase blinds and are less than impressed with the final result.

To avoid this unnecessary expense, look for merchants that offer free product samples. These often come in the form of a compact version of the roller blinds for you to try out. Online merchants may even send out these blinds with free shipping and a coupon included. Similar to trying on clothes before buying them, use these samples to determine how well the blinds fit in your home.

4. Consider the material

Material selection also plays a significant factor in the overall cost. Fabric roller blinds are often cheaper than their PVC or metal counterparts. By choosing the right type of material, you can achieve privacy, energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal. Polyester and cotton roller blinds are useful options to consider.